The New York Mets Hall of Records


2010s Hitters (through 2014)

1. David Wright
Starting Third Baseman

2. Jose Reyes
Starting Shortstop

3. Lucas Duda
Starting First Baseman

4. Daniel Murphy
Starting Second Baseman

5. Angel Pagan
Starting Outfielder

6. Ike Davis
Reserve First Baseman

7. Carlos Beltran
Starting Outfielder

8. Marlon Byrd
Starting Outfielder

9. Jason Bay
Reserve Outfielder

10. Scott Hairston
Reserve Outfielder

11. Curtis Granderson
Reserve Outfielder

12. Ruben Tejada
Reserve Infielder

14. Justin Turner
Reserve Infielder

15T. Josh Thole
Starting Catcher

18. Travis d'Arnaud
Reserve Catcher

Remainder of the Top 25 Hitters for the 2010s:

13. Juan Lagares
15T. Eric Young, Jr.
17. Andres Torres
19. Jeff Francoeur
20. John Buck
21. Kirk Nieuwenhuis
22. Willie Harris
23. Mike Baxter
24. Jason Pridie
25. Ronny Cedeno

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