The New York Mets Hall of Records Game-Used Museum
Gary Sheffield

2001 Upper Deck Pros & Prospects Then & Now Dual Jerseys
jersey swatches from (presumably) the Marlins and the Dodgers

2001 Upper Deck SP Game Bat Edition Piece of the Action Milestone:
a sliver of branded bat

2002 Fleer Maximum Maximum Power:
game-used bat

2002 Upper Deck Diamond Connection Big-League Heroes:
two hundred of these game-used bat cards were produced

2003 Upper Deck Classic Portraits Classic Stitches:
only 25 of these beautiful jersey cards exist


2004 Bowman Sterling:
a really classy bat card, better looking than the scan allows

2005 Bowman:
another nice bat card


2007 Topps 2006 Highlights:
a bat commemorating Gary's 450th home run

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Captured on Canvas:
a white swatch of cloth

2009 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts Destined for History:
another snow-white uniform bit

2010 Topps Tribute:
a bat, and autograph, and numbered to 50

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