The Art of Hagenspan

Most of the art of Hagenspan has been humbly fabricated
by the dubious cunning of the author,
using snippets from books, magazines, photographs,
and even a stray bit of direct mail,
which were then piecemealed together using
a computer graphics program.

The map of Hagenspan was drawn in agonizing detail
by the author, at first just so he could remember
where his characters were in the story.

The covers to the two paperback novels were created
by graphic artists unknown to the author.

For a short time,

Emily Swan, a graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh,
agreed to begin creating illustrations to decorate the borders
of the .pdf versions of the Hagenspan books,
but time and other obligations thwarted her efforts.

Some of her sketches may be viewed below.

At the moment there are no further plans for
Hagenspan artwork, but if you'd like to submit anything,
it will be gratefully displayed on this website at the very least.


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