The Future of Hagenspan

The seeds of Roarke's Wisdom were planted years before they bore any fruit.
I wrote the first two or three paragraphs about a decade
before I proceeded with the rest of the first chapter;
I toyed with the story over and over again in my mind
before I ever attempted writing it in earnest.

Once begun, though, I soon realized the myth could be
greatly expanded upon if I was motivated enough.
When I first began considering "The Hagenspan Chronicles"
instead of merely the one novel Roarke's Wisdom,
I thought the series might conceivably produce five novels in all:

a long book called Roarke's Wisdom
a short book called Kenyan's Lamp
a long book called Owan's Regret
a short book called Sarbo's Run
a long book called Alissa's Redemption

After the short stories began getting published by, I began to consider
an additional collection called The Found Tales of Hagenspan. I have also, from time to time,
debated the merits of crafting an origin story entitled Hagen's Span.

As I enter my fiftieth year, though, health concerns are beginning to slow me down.
My current hope is to finish Owan's Regret if I can, and fill in some of the blanks in The Found Tales.
If I am permitted to go beyond that, I will be pleased. If not ... I will be pleased enough.

For the sake of conjecture, though, here is a chronology of what may or may not follow:

Book Eight
Owan's Regret: Into the Wilds

 (original note, circa 2008)

I have begun writing this, and hope to have it completed sometime in 2010. It will deal with the rise and fall of kings and heroes in the war against the northlands.

(update, 2018)

It actually took me much longer to write this than I had anticipated; I didn't finish it until 2016.

Book Nine
Owan's Regret

(original note, circa 2008)

Working title for this one is something like Peace of a Kind. It will deal with the aftermath of King Herm's war against the northlands, and what becomes of our heroes.

(update, 2018)

I did indeed title this book Peace of a Kind.  It will be available in August 2018.

(original note, circa 2008)

Book Ten
Sarbo's Run

Readers of Kenyan's Lamp will remember Black Sarbo; I had thought that I might give him his own tale, kind of a swashbuckling, seafaring adventure. Now it seems a little like overkill; maybe it would be better to explore the years in between Kenyan's Lamp and Roarke's Wisdom instead; there's a lot of potential there.

(update, 2018)

Book Ten
Callen's Quest

I abandoned the idea of writing a whole book about Black Sarbo, choosing instead to answer the question I posed about Hagenspan's existence in our world as posed in the 2008 note on Alissa's Redemption below left.  I'll be starting this one in late 2018 if God gives me the strength to write it.

Books Eleven through Fourteen?
Alissa's Redemption

(original note, circa 2008)

I have no idea if I could pull this off ... but I thought it would be a good idea to explain why--since Hagenspan is a part of our own world--it's gone today. Plus, with perhaps a last four-book cycle, there would be plenty of room to develop more characters and scenarios that I would otherwise regret missing out on. Timeline of the story would be immediately after Owan's Regret.

(update, 2018)

At this point, it seems unlikely that another four-book cycle will be written.  We'll see.

The Found Tales of Hagenspan

Here is my proposed Table of Contents for the short stories, poems, and other stuff to be included. You may be able to anticipate some of the possibilities, and there are links to the pieces which have already been completed:

The Legend of Hagen and the Bear
Henry and Marlina
A Rumination of Kenyan of the Feie
Mott in Love
A Goblin Heart
The Passing of Réchethaerielle
King Tamdar
The Meekening of Karalog the Loud
The Song of Roarke the Dragon-Killer
Grimmi the Kobold's Turrible Adventure
Keet's Lament
Marley Beane, Gone to War
A Page from Aron Millerson's Commentary
Roarke Meets the King

Book Fifteen?
Hagen's Span

If there's any of me left, I might just write about Hagenspan's discovery and exploration.

The Found Tales of Hagenspan
Volume II

Who knows?

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