The Religion of Hagenspan

The religious heritage of Hagenspan is divisible into three main categories,
which are rudely aligned with time periods, but certainly overlap.

The first was the faith of the Feie, who knew God as the Creator, Architaedeus.
The Feie had been given their duties and graces by God's direct command,
and believed not so much as a matter of faith as we understand it, but as certain knowledge.
They were in that sense more closely related to angels than humanity.

The second strand of religion in Hagenspan can loosely be defined as paganism.
There was a vague belief in a god or gods, but it was generally practiced
in forms of idolatry, superstition, and magic.
This understanding (or lack thereof) prevailed throughout most of Hagenspan's history.

The last religion to make its way to Hagenspan was a nascent Christianity.
Though Hagenspan had been unevangelized and knew little of European religion,
whispers and hints of Iesu (Jesus) had succeeded in reaching the ears of Hagenspan's elect.
The Amendicarii priests had even gone so far as to commission a copy
of the Iesuchristion (the Christian Bible in Latin) and an interpreter to explain it.

Though a few of the concerns of Roman Catholicism tried to interject themselves into
Hagenspan's fledgling faith (for example, a resistance to translating the Iesuchristion into the vernacular),
the teaching of the Amendicarii was as close to Biblical orthodoxy as they could have reasonably hoped.

To say that the Hagenspan Chronicles are Christian books would be only partially true.
The stories exist in a world where Christ exists, and some of the protagonists believe.
Those protagonists act (hopefully) as Christians would act when confronted with similar trials.
And they certainly fail sometimes, and doubt, and fear.
But their faith is as real as a fictional character's faith can be--
it having been granted to them as an act of grace by their creator.

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