The Songs of Hagenspan

Music in Hagenspan was a cherished art.
The pages of the Chronicles are filled with accounts
of fiddles, pipes, bells, horns, and drums--
some signifying war or warning, some employed only for merriment.

Unfortunately, the tunes that were attached to the songs of Hagenspan
have been lost to the ages.
But happily, some of the lyrics have survived.

Mott's song from Kenyan's Lamp

Mott regaled Kenyan with this little ditty telling what the dwarf-heart loves.

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Rchetthaerielle's song from Kenyan's Lamp

A song about Creation and the Feie.

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Mott's song from the short story
"Mott in Love"

The dwarfs were nothing if not consistent.

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The Song of Roarke the Dragon-Killer

A popular drinking song of the north.

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Roarke's morning hymn

A statement of trust that the old knight used to sing each morning.

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"Hey, Hollie-Oh"

The song the minstrels sang celebrating Hollie's great beauty.

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Ronica's Lullaby

Jesi Tenet sang this to her nephew Owan.

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The song of Doodle,
the King of the Dragon

The kobolds of the northern wastes composed this paean to honor their fallen hero.

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Owan's psalm

The king composed this short hymn to commemorate God's blessing upon his life.

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