The Short Stories of Hagenspan

Someday, it is possible, these will all be gathered
and published as The Found Tales of Hagenspan.
They originally began to come into being as part of's now-defunct "Amazon Shorts" program,
and were intended to be teasers for the novels,
or rewards for those who had read the novels and wanted more.

They turned into some of my favorite vehicles
for exploring segments of Hagenspan's society
that otherwise received only incidental notice.

The artwork shown here is's "cover art" for each of the stories:
the Amazon Shorts artwork on the left, and the Kindle cover on the right.

The Legend of Hagen and the Bear

A tall tale featuring the discoverer and first king of Hagenspan.
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Also available for Kindle.

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Mott in Love

Mott is the dwarf who played such a significant role in Kenyan's early adventures in Kenyan's Lamp. I enjoyed him so much that I had to give him his own story.

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The Meekening of Karalog the Loud

This was the first Found Tale that I wrote. Karalog was mentioned in passing in Widows and Successions, which I was also writing at the time, and his name alone seemed to me to be bursting with a story: Karalog the Loud.

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Grimmi the Kobold's Turrible Adventure

Readers of Roarke's Wisdom: Going Home will recognize this little fellow at once ... or perhaps at last.

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