The Volumes of Hagenspan

These two volumes represent the Hagenspan Chronicles
that have been published by traditional methods;
that is to say, they are paperback books.

If you are one who loves nothing better than to curl up on your couch with a book;
if you love the feel of something tangible and intimate in your hands;
if you want to have something to display on your bookshelf when you're done,
then this would have been the route for you.
Now you should check out the books.

If you just want to read a good story at minimal cost,
then allow me to direct you back to the
free .pdf files.

Volume One
Roarke's Wisdom

This volume included the complete story of Roarke's Wisdom, including Books One through Four.  It now seems to be completely out of print.

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Volume Two
Kenyan's Lamp

This volume is identical to Book Five in the series, which happens to tell the whole story of Kenyan's Lamp.  It is still available at a minimal cost from the author, if you care to send an email.

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